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15Dec 2015

The new Lime Park in Croatia

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The New Gimino (Žminj) Lime Park in Croatia
It was great to participate in the creation of the new Gimino Lime Park, thanks to our master builder Branko had created a real point of reference for everyone interested in lime. Finally Europe has a training centre where professionals and enthusiasts can get firsthand experience of the transformation process of obtaining stucco plaster from limestone, as well as the enormous potential of this material for construction and decoration.
Works carried out in the park
1) Construction of a small chapel in stone and quicklime. (Branko Orbanic and his team)
2) Flooring made of ‘pastellone and cocciopesto‘ with drainage (pastellone is a mixture of powdered marble and lime, coloured with natural earth pigments; cocciopesto is layers of finely crushed fragments of tile or brick with lime mortar, used as a base). (Alessandro Lugari)
3) Construction of three small bridges with quicklime and pozzolana. (Branko Orbanic & Enrico Trolese)
4) Construction of small stone walls with various types of lime mortar. (Ivor Vodopivec)
5) Venetian marmorino plastering (Enrico Trolese & Forum Calce)
Topics covered during the conference
1) Italian geopolymers (Michele Macchiarola, Ivor Vodopivec)
2) A historiographical excursion to examine Roman mosaics, styles and materials (Alessandro Lugari)
3) The ancient Roman bridges on which military wagons travelled. (Enrico Trolese)
In summary it was a week of work and relaxation, an exchange of information and a collaboration between practitioners, all taking place in the most beautiful part of Croatia. The wonderful seafood taverns, nestlelled amongst an enchanted landscape of Istrian limestone, delectable wines like 1, beautiful beaches where craftsmen’s families were able to stay via this international cultural exchange.
Thanks to Branko Orbanic and see you next year!


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