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09Jul 2018

Restoration in Venice

  • Restauro travature Venezia
  • Building restoration in Venice
  • Restauro Bagno Venezia
  • Restauro in corso bagno Veneziano
  • Restauro ristorante Lido
  • Restauro trattoria Lido di Venezia

Restorations in Venice using breathable plasters that do not drop in temperature in the cold.

The best binders in construction for an excellent restoration is our historic aged, mixed lime

with the famous plant most used in history by the Venetian Republic …… .. Hemp.

In Venice the precious Hemp arrived from Emilia Romagna, a region that has held the rich republic of Venice

of marvelous sails and ropes for sailing boats. Even now the Vaporetti in the Grand Canal use the same strings a

edge as extremely resistant anchorage ropes.

The ancient broken and ground tiles that are recovered when they are very precious and of great value are also very valuable

they are replaced on the roofs of houses, churches and palaces.

These doughs during the restoration of Venetian houses are known as … ..

Venetian marmorino, coccio pesto, and cannabis sativa!

With the use of Hemp mixed with slaked lime ( Lime putty)  and calcium carbonate (spolvero), funds can

be obtained masonry of the Venetian house of three centimeters thick, with this thermal plaster you can also insert

the pipes of the electrical system without damaging the walls of the house with the famous channels that break the

beautiful Venetian bricks.

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