Ask for a workshop


Due to the demand from all over Europe for schools and groups of artisans to put on workshops, yet these calls often encounter logistical difficulties in arranging travel and coming together in another European country, the ‘Request a workshop’ formula was set up to aid such workshops. 
If there is a group of people interested in learning about marmorino and its application techniques, from 2015 it will become easy to arrange a workshop anywhere in Europe – the workshop will come to you. 
To get the ball rolling, all that is required is an agreement in advance as to the number of participants and the start date and duration of the workshop. 
A professional plasterer, a master in the field of marmorino finishing, will come and give the workshop in an appropriate place provided by the applicant or applicants. What is needed apart from a few organisational considerations is a bare wall to be rendered from scratch that is at least 8 square meters to be used in the exercises. Such a workshop can also be used to renovate an entire room, importantly, specifying the support on which the marmorino will be applied. Where necessary the appropriate materials will be shipped from Italy by courier.  

The workshop broadly follows the program of workshops held in Venice each year, described on the website page Our workshops. Some variations may be introduced depending on the scope of work on which applicants intend to operate.
The workshop can be requested for either 6 or 10 days depending on skill level desired.

To apply for a workshop, please fill out the registration form by clicking the button below and specifing in the message window whether you request an external or internal workshop, the number of participants (if more than seven an extra teacher becomes necessary), the month or week set aside for the workshop, and workshop duration (6 or 10 days).