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Working with marmorino Veneziano implicates a thorough understanding of the use of lime. This passion has been passed down by my family, from generation to generation, building up skills and knowledge. For the city of Venice, this art constitutes an important heritage of craftsmanship, technical and aesthetic appreciation, and as a professional plasterer I feel compelled to preserve and develop it, even through continuous learning and teaching, to ensure that marmorino Veneziano continuous to be valued and utilised, by adapting and evolving for continually changing tastes and styles.

- Enrico Trolese

  • Enrico Trolese mentre rifinisce una parete a marmorino veneziano
  • Enrico Trolese durante la creazione di uno stucco in stile '700 veneziano

Being constantly immersed in the beauty of Venice forces you to change, makes you want to contribute to this beauty.

Enrico Trolese

Enrico Trolese, born in Venice in 1970, grew up in a family of artisans that had been in the construction industry for five generations. He became responsible for restoration in order to ‘to round himself up’ at a young age.
During his numerous restoration jobs he met a variety of skilled Venetian craftspeople including the last Venetian terrazzo floor layers, and the few craft-plasterers still in circulation. In the family’s tradition, the use of lime is a given. Thus, in 1992, began his path towards specialisation in the field of lime finishes.
Following the example of his elder brother who already was employing hard stucco, better known as marmorino Veneziano, dealing with both restoration work and creating surfaces and decorations from scratch.
His skills were formed during further work carried out together with Master Plasterer Mario Fogliata, author of one of the few Italian texts on the subject: L’Arte dello Stucco (The Art of Stucco – published by Antilia).
In over twenty years of activity in Venice he carried out numerous plaster facades of churches and palaces, as well as the part of Correr Museum dedicated to Canova.
He took part in the restoration of the Olivetti store in Piazza San Marco, and that of the Villa Nazionale Pisani in nearby Stra on the Riviera del Brenta.
His expertise in the field of marmorino meant that he was commissioned to apply his skills internationally; in London, Leipzig, Berlin, Basel and Shanghai. This latter work won the UNESCO Prize 2006 for best restoration work in the Asia-Pacific Region.
In 2010 he won first prize at the National Competition of Plaster Decoration held at the Lingotto Center in Turin.
An overview of his best projects was presented in the Works section.
He also lectures on behalf of the Forum Italiano Calce (Italian Lime Forum) and runs training courses on antique marmorino techniques. For more information on this please visit the Workshops section.


Antique Plaster Restoration


Estimates and advice,
restoration projects
of historical stucco decorations.

Marmorino Surfaces


Rehabilitation of masonry
and application of classic
Venetian marmorino.

Stucco Decoration


Design and construction
of decorations in
Venetian 18th century style.

Thermal Plaster


Surfaces whitewashed
with hemp for a high
thermo-insulating coefficient.


Ein sehr guter Kurs der tief in die Materie eingeht.
Die Praxis und die Theorie wird stark vereint.
Die Zeit die gemeinsam verbracht wird geht weit uber die Kurszeiten.
Ein Ausflug durch Venedig zeigt die Herkunft und die Qualität der Lehrer.

Sono molto contento di aver frequentato il corso di Marmorino Veneziano, vivendo una settimana a Venezia e lavorando a contatto con altri professionisti.
È stata un’esperienza bellissima, ringrazio il maestro Enrico Trolese per avermi insegnato.

Seguire questo corso significa poter respirare da vicino la realtà di chi usa ancora le mani per “fare”, di chi sceglie con cura i prodotti e le materie prime, di chi conosce e rispetta i tempi di preparazione di un prodotto che da secoli entra nelle nostre abitazioni: lo stucco.

Un corso fantastico, dove si impara una tecnica stupenda e soprattutto ciò che fa la differenza è la disponibilità piena dell’insegnante e del suo staff. Enrico Trolese fa in modo che l’allievo possa davvero mettere in pratica le conoscenze acquisite, tutto all’insegna della simpatia e allegria.

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