marmorino….IN THE BATHROOM

The natural Venetian plaster has a thickness fo about half an inch
when it is applied to wall bricks,
sometimes more if applied to an intervening layer of cocciopesto (small fragments
of crushed roof-tiles combined and mixed with lime) or pozzolan.
The texture is made up of about 9 layers and finished with soap (hot-pressed).
On entering such a bathroom one is reminded of echoes of ancient Roman baths.


Modern bathroom done entirely in marmorino
veneziano (Venetian plaster).
Coloured in natural yellow ochre
Applied to a L-shaped rod steel base
Bezzi’s house – Venice -

Bagno casa bezzi

Bagno in marmorino anno 2004

Doccia marmorino tinta havana

Doccia in marmorino anno 2004


Rose bathroom finnished by
Master Venetian Plasterer M. Fogliata in 1968.
When actually seen one may well be fooled
into thinking tath it had been freshly
plastered the other day.
San Marquola – Venice -

Bagno in marmorino rosa

Bagno in marmorino anno 1968

Marmorino 1968

docce per 43 anni


year of costruction 1730.
Some restoration has been done
in this bathroom,
but much of it is remains original.
San Polo – Venice -

Palazzo Bernado


A marmorino bathroom is timeless,
it has no age.It pays for itself over time.


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