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Marmorino Veneziano workshop

By enrolling in the Marmorino Veneziano whorkshop you could spend a week in Venice, staying in the historic heart of the island and working in a laboratory replete with all the tools and necessary materials. A Master Decorator will introduce and guide you through the processes of preparation and execution of marmorino projects, according to the venerable traditional techniques. During the whorkshop you will be able to compare yourself with other professionals in the field, visiting a working construction site in the city’s heart where you will see genuine masterpieces of eighteen-century plasterwork, exploring a Venetian palazzo of that era.

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For the things we have to learn before we can do them,
we learn by doing them.


Taking a whorkshop in Venetian marmorino involves learning a technique for lime plaster application which has been used and esteemed throughout the history of art and architecture. This material, applying it with the appropriate timings and correct technique, allows a craftsperson to put in practice original ideas and to realise interior design projects that also work well in modern contexts, adding value to a property with a beneficial material; breathable and easily repairable in the years ahead. This ancient technique allows the craftsperson to manage their own project for themselves, choose their own raw materials and achieve the best results within any specific context in order to achieve the desired effect.

Working with raw materials of excellent quality means carrying out a job in a professional manner and has a very significant saving on material costs compared with pre-packaged commercial products. This will allow you more time to take care of the details on finishes and to propose higher quality work.

The passage of time will allow a decorator to build up a vision which will be evermore refined, able to intervene on ancient plaster works, being able to restore them with non-invasive methods and respectful of the embodied mastery handed down.

Anyone who takes one of our whorkshops will accrue extra skills and knowledge that can make a difference in a context of increasing specialisation and competition.

The whorkshop is aimed at restorers, decorators, artisans, architects, scholars and enthusiasts of stucco decoration, which at the end of this intense week will reward you with a basis of invaluable experience and techniques that can be built upon and developed as seen fit throughout a professional’s career.

Workshop program

  • Arrival in town and accommodation.
  • Presentation of the participants and the Master Plasterer.

  • Presentation of the course, review of the materials used for authentic marmorino plaster creation.
  • Understanding the tools of the trade, the use of tools to direct and polish the marmorino.
  • Study of raw materials and their chemical-physical characteristics
  • Surface preparation, introduction to the techniques of the primary ‘gripping’ layer on different base entities.
  • Testing samples patches in order to studying different mixtures and different types of lime mortars.

  • Implementation of Venetian plaster with hemp on brick wall. Elegant technique with the highest quality for the insulation of buildings. Breathable and with the possibility of elegant details.
  • Introduction to correct terminology for making classic white marmorino plasterwork and preparation of materials for finishing. How to sift the lime with powdered Caneva marble.
  • Execution and finishing of classic polished natural marmorino with a hot soap technique.
  • Introduction to soaps and waxes for use on marmorino.

  • Theory on the use of decoration and colour during the Venetian Serenissima period.
Bibliography and reference materials.
  • Guided tour in the historic center of Venice to observe the eighteenth-century Marmorinos.
 On site study of stucco decorations in an historical mansion.
  • Lunch break roaming the alleys and squares of Venice, in typical Venetian taverns.
  • Exercises in classic wall design. Notes on the golden proportion.
  • Basic exercises to start using the colours in Marmorino.
  • The training technique in order to accomplish classic décor, decoration in relief.

  • From design to practice. The ancient technique of powdered charcoal dusting or engraving.
  • The technique for forming an edge, how to create wraps, cornices and simple framing (introduced by specialists in the field).
  • Exercises on test samples.

  • Executing a sample to be submitted for the final exam.
  • Theory and handouts on the availability of basic materials for making lime plaster throughout Italy and worldwide.
  • Contacts and links to help research the best references through Forum Italiano Calce, the lime databank.

  • Executing a sample to be submitted for the final exam.
  • Economics: examples of marmorino pricing based on tender references, working out an estimate.
  • Final examination, (the exam commission is composed of professional specialists).

Schedule and Fees

Start and duration of the course from:      12  April  to….. 17 April  2021

Lessons start at 8,15 am and finish at 5.00 pm, with launch break of about one hour at 1.00 pm.

Workshop fee: € 1220.
The price includes:
-Welcome cocktail.
-Accomodation in a typical house in the historical center of Venice, free wi-fi.
-Marmorino Veneziano Workshop
-Registration to the ‘Forum Italiano Calce’ association.
-Final exam and workshop attendance certificate.


Ein sehr guter Kurs der tief in die Materie eingeht.
Die Praxis und die Theorie wird stark vereint.
Die Zeit die gemeinsam verbracht wird geht weit uber die Kurszeiten.
Ein Ausflug durch Venedig zeigt die Herkunft und die Qualität der Lehrer.

Sono molto contento di aver frequentato il corso di Marmorino Veneziano, vivendo una settimana a Venezia e lavorando a contatto con altri professionisti.
È stata un’esperienza bellissima, ringrazio il maestro Enrico Trolese per avermi insegnato.

Seguire questo corso significa poter respirare da vicino la realtà di chi usa ancora le mani per “fare”, di chi sceglie con cura i prodotti e le materie prime, di chi conosce e rispetta i tempi di preparazione di un prodotto che da secoli entra nelle nostre abitazioni: lo stucco.

Un corso fantastico, dove si impara una tecnica stupenda e soprattutto ciò che fa la differenza è la disponibilità piena dell’insegnante e del suo staff. Enrico Trolese fa in modo che l’allievo possa davvero mettere in pratica le conoscenze acquisite, tutto all’insegna della simpatia e allegria.